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GUAM Seaweed Mud

Using nature's very own produce, the Guam Seaweed Mud is impressive when attacking specific localised cellulite.

Originating in Italy, this seaweed and clay mix has active properties that apparently break down cellulite.

Due to its natural properties, they provide immediate visible results just after the first few applications.

Method of use: Massage a generous amount of GUAM Seaweed Mud in the affected areas, making sure the skin is completely covered. Using household clear film 2/3 up the thigh, and then like a skirt around the top of the thighs and bottom. After 45 minutes, rinse the mud and clear film off together in the shower. Finish by massaging with GUAM Strengthening Gel until completely absorbed.

Active Ingredients: Algae extract (Dry seaweed), Ivy extract, Horse Chestnut, Lemon

  Is available in:
500g & 1kg


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