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About GUAM

It's the real thing

LACOTE the makers of GUAM® have a full time Study and Research team with in-depth knowledge of seaweed, their job is to make sure that the GUAM® patent is protected and the product unrivalled.

The GUAM® secret of success:

GUAM® Algae: fields of specially selected seaweed wellknown to assist with cellulite conditions are grown and harvested young, specifically for GUAM® products.

GUAM® Seaweed is harvested with an ancient tool, called a “scoubidou”.
This works like a cork screw, pulling the seaweed up from the sea bed onto the deck of the boat.

The Seaweed is laid in the open fields to dry for 3 days in the traditional way; the ocean breezes will eliminate 80% of the water, it is then crunched up into a powder and transported to the factory.


GUAM® powdered seaweed is mixed with a unique green clay, blended with phyto-extracts of Ivy and Horse Chestnut to stimulate the lymphatics and circulation. Essentials oils of Oregano and Lemon are then added to increase cell permeability, firming and tone.