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GUAM Fangocrema Giorna Daytime

Mud - Based Cream

Rapidly absorbed this anti-cellulite cream helps reshape* your body's silhouette. WHen used on a daily basis the body benefits from its 'fat breakdown effect, as well as from the richness of Guam Seaweed, enhanced with the added Ascophyllum Nodosum brown Seaweed which is rich in calcium. It is recommended to combine the product with the Guam treatment Seaweed mud in the days when this is not applied (see Guam Seaweed Mud Treatment). Its an action that extends over time to maintain the natural effectiveness of Guam Mud. Fangocrema Daytime Mud Cream can also be used alone. It's antioxidant and remineralising action is achieved by the daily application of the product for at least 2 months.
* Reshape does not mean weight loss.

Method of use: Fangocrema Daytime Mud Cream is completely absorbed by the skin without leaving any residue. Apply and massage gently on the areas concerned. Fangocrema Daytime Mud Cream is characterised by an active "tingling" which grows in proportion to the amount of product applied: it is recommended to use initially in small quantities and then abound subsequently taking into account the personal reactions of the skin.

Active Ingredients: GUAM Seaweed, Ascophyllum Nodsum, Siloxanetriol Caffeine, Methyl Nicotinate,.

  Is available in:
300 ml