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GUAM Dren Seaweed Mud

Effective like Guam Seaweed Mud, with specific action against fluid stagnation. Guam Dren Seaweed Mud is particularly suitable for the treatment of skin imperfections caused by cellulite thanks to the sea salts and green tea, which integrate perfectly with the mineral content of Guam Seaweed and clay.

Method of use:
1. Mix well before use. Apply the product evenly to thighs and buttocks with a light massaging motion.

2. Wrap with cling film normally used in the kitchen: thanks to this 'protective film' the product can be easily used at home. Leave for 45 minutes and rinse with warm water.

3. Complete the treatment by applying Guam DRen Oil to the affected areas and massaging into the skin. For excellent results use combined with Guam Dren Mud Cream specifically for use at night.

Active Ingredients: Guam Seaweed, clay, green tea, spirea, lemon, fennel and grapefruit.

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