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GUAM Cellulite treatment

The SEA on your SKIN

Reduces the appearance of Cellulite with visible results from the very first application. The amazing results achieved from the Guam Cellulite Mud are enhanced by the high concentration of vitamins and minerals. Originating in Italy it has enjoyed 20 years of success and still a No. 1 selling product today!

Reduces the appearance of cellulite using all-natural products.

Proven effective in increasing the skin's firmness, as tested by a leading Italian University in clinical trials.

Female users find they have tighter, more elastic skin with Fanghi D'Alga Guam Mud from the first application.

Top Sellers

GUAM Seaweed Mud

GUAM Seaweed Mud Is an effective aid in defeating cellulite, the patented Seaweed Mud formula will stimulate, firm and tone the skin giving visible results with very first applications.

GUAM Strengthening Gel
250 ml

GUAM Strengthening Gel is used to stabilise the tissue after a mud wrap. It contains the same Seaweed Mud formula which will enhance the effect of the Seaweed Mud and maximise results.

GUAM Fangocrema Giorna Daytime Mud-Based Cream
300 ml

Fangocrema Daytime Mud Cream reduces the signs of cellulite and helps reshape your body's silhouette. Guam Fangocrema Daytime Cream should be used every day, it's powerful remineralising and antioxidant action delivers visual results, giving you a firm and more tone skin appearance after just 2 months.